#JusticeLeague: Doing it for the kids
14:33 Thu, 06 Aug 2020
#JusticeLeague: Doing it for the kids | News Article
Unleash your inner super hero - just by taking a video of you and your loved ones doing exercise, and sharing it on social media.

The Justice League virtual run series is kicking off this month, where young and old can participate in exercise ranging from running to swimming and cycling – in aid of at least 130 000 children.

The virtual run series is partnering with beneficiaries such as Headstart Kids, to help children in financial need. OFM News spoke to Headstart Kids’ Lily Geerdts, who says the five month-long virtual series welcomes energetic and lively ambassadors, who will be running side-by-side with the participants.

“The organisation Headstart Kids supports children in the early development stages. Every time you enter you enter into the virtual race there is a contribution that comes to Headstart Kids that enables us to provide food to community that benefit from our micronutrient products,’’ says Geerdts.

The series comprises five virtual runs, with each month representing a different super hero. So be sure to join as Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Batman or Flash.

The August run, which takes place during Women’s Month, will be represented by Wonder Woman.

Participants who wish to be part of the Virtual Run Series are encouraged to visit Twitter @JLRunSeries; or Instagram @JLRunSeries, and follow the event with #JusticeLeague.    

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