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Mrs SA semifinalist Kay-Lee Badenhorst chats about Central SA roots

───   KAYLA BARKER 17:42 Mon, 04 Mar 2024

Mrs SA semifinalist Kay-Lee Badenhorst chats about Central SA roots | News Article
Kay-Lee Badenhorst, a semi-finalist in the 2024 Mrs South Africa pageant. Photo supplied

Kay-Lee Badenhorst is a wife, mother, and semifinalist in the Mrs South Africa 2024 pageant. She joins The Joyride to chat about her Mrs SA journey.

Based in Gauteng but having spent many years living in Central South Africa, she has the heart of a true Central South African. She is passionate about women, children, health, and wellness. She is excited about the opportunities and possibilities this new chapter brings.

The 34-year-old says this competition creates a platform and opportunity for her to promote her passions, values and goals in life, and hopefully inspire other women along the way. 

Badenhorst is a full-time homemaker and mother of two young sons and says that this pageant will be an opportunity for her to do something that allows her to discover herself again, for growth and personal development.

Identity and being secure and confident are so powerful and this is something Kay-Lee is passionate about. The Mrs South Africa pageant will allow her to be a voice for women's rights, to promote self-confidence and to send a positive message of self-love and acceptance to every woman. 

Kay-Lee Badenhorst was also involved in OFM’s advertising sales for six years and as The Joyride, we celebrate a fellow OFM team member.

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