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Nail-biting weekend lies ahead for Kimberley high schools

───   CASEY-LEE ANTHONY 15:15 Tue, 07 May 2024

Nail-biting weekend lies ahead for Kimberley high schools | News Article
Picture: CANVA

“Both schools are determined to win and excited to join in on the clashes to support their school.”

After last year’s results, two Kimberley schools are fired up and aim to bring all the winnings back to their school.

The annual FNB Classic Clashes return to Kimberley from Friday (10/5) to Saturday, and is set to take place at the Diamantveld Sports Fields, as well as Keely Park for the hockey tournament.

Northern Cape High School’s goal is to win all five games being played this year, said first-team rugby coach, Deon Carney. “The boys are very excited. Classic Clashes is always a great occasion and opportunity for them.”

Northern Cape High School First Team Hockey Boys in Uniform. Picture supplied

Diamantveld High School first-team rugby coach, Philip Molnár said: “We had a busy three weeks, (as) the boys played seven games in three weeks. We focussed a lot on recovery the last couple of weeks, trying to get our boys healthy and ready, we also put a lot of time in video sessions with the boys.”

Both schools are excited to join in on the clashes to support their teams. Both have build-up sessions for this week leading to the respective match days.

Netball coach Shouneez Clouts said their motto going into the games this year is: “Never live in the past”. They are holding their shoulders high and not allowing their past to determine the outcome of their future games.

Diamantveld High School First Team Netball Girls in uniform. Picture supplied.

“For every coach, the outcomes will always want to be in our favour, but for me, it’s important for every player to enjoy every moment and just give their best,” said Diamantveld Netball coach Bethenie du Raan.

“I want to wish both sides good luck for this upcoming fixture, for a lot of the matrix it is their last one, build memories that will be with you for the rest of your lives,” said Molnár.

OFM News/Casey-Lee Anthony

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