Weird Wide Web - Disgusting Food Museum
15:44 Fri, 18 Sep 2020
Weird Wide Web - Disgusting Food Museum  | News Article
You can now choose from spit and squirrel beer, ant gin or poop wine.


The 'Disgusting Food Museum' is located in a small town called Malmo in Sweden.

Ever heard of beer that has been fermented with actual human spit? A strong brew in a bottle which is served in a taxidermied squirrel or a gin made out of ants?

Disgust has long been considered a universal human emotion. But while the emotion may be universal, opinions vary widely about what qualifies as "disgusting," depending on customs, cultures and personal tastes, the museum website says. "What is delicious to one person can be revolting to another. Disgusting Food Museum invites visitors to explore the world of food and challenge their notions of what is and what isn't edible," according to the website.


What went down in studio :

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