Weird Wide Web - Grow your own steak from your own flesh
15:23 Fri, 20 Nov 2020
Weird Wide Web - Grow your own steak from your own flesh  | News Article
New steak grown from human cells 'Technically Not' cannibalism

Original Source - LadBible

A team of scientists and designers from the US have come up with a new type of steak grown from human cells - promising us that eating the product is 'technically not' cannibalism.

The Ouroboros Steak (which, in a dark twist, is named after the ancient Egyptian snake that eats itself) is a DIY meal kit designed by Andrew Pelling, Orkan Telhan and Grace Knight.

It can be grown from cells scraped from the inside of your cheek, which are fed serum from old donated blood.

The result is meat in the form of 'mini steaks', which involve no harm to animals.

Each starter kit comes with tools, ingredients and instructions that allow you to create and culture your own cells into real meat, with the 'mini steaks' made 'without causing harm to animals'.


What went down in studio :

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