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Weird Wide Web Pod - Is TikTok creating criminals?

───   15:13 Tue, 14 Sep 2021

Weird Wide Web Pod - Is TikTok creating criminals? | News Article

The tide pod challenge came and went, thank goodness. The cinnamon challenge and milk crate challenge were next. And now we have what we think might be the worse challenge yet...

The previous three made you make a fool out of yourself, this new craze could get you a criminal record, and worse.  The new trend that has reared its ugly head on TikTok, is motivating kids to steal, mostly stuff they can find at school, but some have taken it even further than that. They try to steal lockers from school buildings; and some have even resorted to steal from shipping containers. 

Do not fall for fads that could get you internet likes. Remember - the internet is not going to bail you out of jail!


Weird Wide Web Pod - Is TikTok creating criminals?:

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