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Conspiracy Corner - Another "alien spotting" on Google Earth

───   15:47 Wed, 17 Nov 2021

Conspiracy Corner - Another "alien spotting" on Google Earth | News Article

Yep, it has happened again! Another Google earth user has found something on Google earth and believes it might just be aliens taking pictures of earth.

A weird, not really "human" shadow has been seen in a remote area by a Google earth user. TikTok user,, shared a clip that has since been seen by over a million other users.  In the clip, the user zooms into a rocky remote area, populated by only some industrial buildings.  As he zooms in and switches to street view, he lands on a shadow that doesn't look at all to be a human shadow.  Maybe these pictures might help give you a bit.

And if the pictures aren't that convincing, you can find the full clip here.  We obviously do not know what that shadow really is, but we can't rule out anything either, nor can we actually say that it is some alien life form. All we can say is, somewhere, somehow, in between files and rocks, lies the truth.


Conspiracy Corner - Another "alien spotting" on Google Earth:

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