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Weird Wide Web - Woman's tongue starts growing hair!

───   15:19 Mon, 24 Jan 2022

Weird Wide Web - Woman's tongue starts growing hair! | News Article
Cameron Newsom's tongue started growing hair

A mum who lost part of her tongue after a battle with cancer has had a new one made out of part of her leg - only for it to start growing hair.

Reported on, while she was glad to get rid of the cancerous growth on her tongue, 42-year-old Cameron Newsom was shocked to discover one day that the bit of leg that was in her mouth was capable of growing hair.  She was just getting on with her life when she received the news out of the blue that she had cancer. Eventually, after years of battling the disease, she had to have her tongue partially replaced with skin and muscle tissue from her thigh.

After visiting medical professionals because of spots on her tongue on a few occasions, Cameron was eventually diagnosed with skin cancer of the tongue – squamous cell carcinoma – by an ear, nose and throat specialist. The Colorado Springs resident said: "At the time of my diagnosis I'd lost over seven pounds because I was unable to eat or drink. Read more on this bizarre yet feel good story here.


Weird Wide Web - Hairy tongue:

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