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Fresh produce price outlook for first quarter

───   ELSABÉ RICHARD 05:00 Tue, 12 Jan 2021

Fresh produce price outlook for first quarter  | News Article

High rainfall can affect the quality and prices of some vegetables and fruits.

This is according to Johann van der Merwe, CEO of AMT. 

In today's insert, Van der Merwe shares the latest information on trends and prices in the fresh produce markets. 

Here is Van der Merwe…

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Vegetable prices:

Van der Merwe says over the festive season the potato prices traded at R51,04 per 10kg with lower volumes due to the holidays. He says based on seasonality, the potato prices will likely trend downwards over the next three months with more volumes available in the market. Furthermore, high rainfall can also result in quality and prices to decrease further.

Tomato prices decreased by 30% week on week to R5,49 per kg, which Van der Merwe says is 20% lower the same time last year. He adds that seasonality indicates that there might be a decrease in tomato prices this month. However, prices might gain some momentum in February and rainfall will have a significant effect on tomato prices as well.

Moving on to carrots. Prices for this crop increased in the last week of December to R6,23 per kg. Van der Merwe says, looking forward, carrot prices are likely to decrease this month but will increase in February and March.

When looking at onion prices over the festive period, Van der Merwe says it remained relatively stable only increasing by 1% to R3,83 per kg. He further explains that the month of January is usually a better month for onion prices with prices decreasing in February again.

Cabbage traded at R1,93 per kg, garlic at R39,00 per kg, spinach at R2,72 per kg, sweet potatoes at R8,82 and peppers traded at R9,83 per kg.

Fruit prices:

Van der Merwe says most fruit prices showed a decline during the last week of December which can be attributed to the holiday season.

The latest banana prices traded at R8,52 in the last week of December with prices likely to trade on a slightly lower level over the coming month, with some support likely in February and March.

Apples and pears traded at R8,40 and R12,41 per kg respectively. Van der Merwe says both these prices are likely to start trending downwards with especially pear volumes that may start increasing soon.

Oranges traded at R8,71 per kg and are expected to remain on this high level over the next two months. However, prices might trend downwards in March when the new season commences.

Furthermore, the latest avocado prices traded at R31,69 per kg with volumes likely to remain scarce over the coming month. However, Van der Merwe says volumes may start to increase from next month which puts pressure on the price.

When looking at table grapes, the latest prices traded at R15,16 per kg, but due to high volumes, which is 20% higher than a year ago, prices will likely remain at a lower level over the next three months.

Also, mango traded at R9,78 per kg, while pineapples traded on R12,91 per kg.

Lastly, Van der Merwe adds that peaches traded at R14,96 per kg, lemons traded at R9,63 per kg while blueberries traded at R57,37 per kg.


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