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Young farmer encourages women to become farmers

───   ELSABÉ RICHARD 05:00 Mon, 18 Jan 2021

Young farmer encourages women to become farmers | News Article
Image: @13Keneilwe

More females should join the farming community.

This is according to the 23-year-old farmer, Keneilwe Raphesu. 

Raphesu, who farms in the Vaal Triangle, says the industry is male-dominated and therefore encourages young people and women to join. 

Here is Raphesu…

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Raphesu farms with cattle, pigs and crops on a farm in Holfontein which is located on the R54 road to Potchefstroom in the North West.

She describes agriculture as being one of the best career paths to take and says that sadly most people do not deem it as a career choice. However, Raphesu says agriculture requires a lot of hard work and patience, “you cannot plant today and expect the outcome tomorrow. You have to wait, you have to be patient.”

Raphesu adds that the past few months have been challenging with coronavirus lockdowns. But she says this has taught her to stay focussed and patient with farming.

Furthermore, her vision for the future is to have a feedlot and provide meat to abattoirs and butcheries. “Honestly, when it comes to agriculture, it’s a food security industry. It will never end [because] we need it more than anything,” she adds.

Raphesu, who completed her first economics and international trade degree is currently studying behavioural science and labour relations. Furthermore, she received training with the Sernick Group regarding farming.

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