What’s new in Farmer’s Weekly?
06:23 Fri, 15 Mar 2019
What’s new in Farmer’s Weekly? | News Article
In our Friday insert only on Before Dawn, OFM News’ Christal-Lize Muller speaks to the editor of Farmer's Weekly, Denine Erasmus, about what to expect in their latest edition.

Erasmus says in the 22 March 2019 issue of Farmer’s Weekly in the news section there is a full report on the recent Grain SA congress at Bothaville in the Free State. This entails information about the new soybean levy that has come into effect and how it will shape the future of the industry in South Africa. 

The magazine also reports on the location differential applicable to wheat farmers, which was discussed at the congress. Another main story includes the impact which the electricity price increase will have on farmers and the whole food value chain.

That was Denine Erasmus, editor at Farmer's Weekly, on OFM. To listen to this insert again, go to ofm.co.za, click on News, Agriculture, and Before Dawn. To listen to these inserts again go to ofm.co.za, click on News, Agriculture and Before Dawn.

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