Believe in greater with John Deere
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Believe in greater with John Deere | News Article
This summer, John Deere participates in 13 kykNET-episodes, three editions of SARIE (November and December 2019, and January 2020) and regular updates on telling the story of farmers in South Africa – "Ons boere, ons inspirasie".

As a technology company driving Africa’s green revolution through world-leading innovation, finance and insight, John Deere works tirelessly to increase the yield and income of all of Africa’s farmers.

John Deere’s commitment to Africa for more than 137 years positions us to recognise the potential of Africa’s agriculture sector to place our continent on a higher and more inclusive growth path. Enabling Africa’s green revolution is the first step in a broader transformation process that will secure the investment, growth and economic inclusion of all Africans by placing the continent at the heart of tomorrow’s global economy.

This vision for Africa is expressed in John Deere’s belief in greater.

Since all of Africa’s farmers, large and small, are central to our belief in greater, partnering with GWK, McDonald’s, kykNET and Sarie to celebrate the heroism and tenacity of the people who provide the food security on which all growth is built, and speaks exactly to our purpose  to improve the living standards and sustain the environments of those linked to the land.

Ons Boere, Ons Inspirasie, flights at 21:00 every Thursday from 3 October on kykNET, DStv channel 144.

Farmers are, however, at the end of the day, people - and people have stories.

The stories of struggle, success, set back and incredible endurance that John Deere celebrates in this television series reflects exactly the spirit of achievement, challenge and transcendence that places farmers at the heart of Africa’s future growth and success.

As an organisation committed to those linked to the land, it is our privilege to help share these incredible stories with the world, celebrating our farmers through a series that so closely mirrors our own belief in greater - for every farmer and every African.

Believe in greater!


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