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#OFMArtBeat - Malose Pete finds innovation in a cultural tradition

───   09:17 Thu, 14 Oct 2021

#OFMArtBeat - Malose Pete finds innovation in a cultural tradition | News Article

Malose Pete joins Mid-Morning Magic's Yolanda Maartens to share more about his exhibition 'Art Language of My Forefathers'.

Malose Pete is an artist who uses painting and sculpture to bring across different societal perspectives with the hope of encouraging people to dig deeper than what can be considered normal. 

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He has been creating since he was a young man in the village of Ga-Mahoai in Polokwane. He draws his inspiration from moments of solitude that allow him to observe the world in a way that offers a different outlook.

Malose believes that finding your authentic self is key to creating art that truly represents something that people never knew they needed. 

Click here to read more and watch the exhibition online:  http://services.nwu.ac.za/nwu-gallery/what-showing


#OFMArtBeat - Malose Pete finds innovation in a cultural tradition:

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