Agri podcast: Prayer meeting held following fires

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Agri podcast: Prayer meeting held following fires  | News Article
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Farmers and farm workers, among others, have gathered at Voorspoed farm, southeast of Douglas in the Northern Cape today for a prayer meeting - after veldfires destroyed hundreds of thousands of grazing land in central South Africa this fire season.

He told OFM News that he is hopeful that the turnout will be exceptional, taking into account the Covid-19 regulations. Firefighters were exhausted as they tried to put out a massive wildfire in the Northern Cape for the fifth day. The origin of the fire, which has destroyed thousands of acres of land near Barkly West since Saturday, is being investigated after it broke out on a farm in the area. Linja van Wyk, of Janwo Saamstaan, says farmers urgently need help as north-westerly winds make it difficult to put out the fire. Large parts of the Mattanu Game Reserve, about 20 kilometers from Barkly West, were destroyed - with no reported loss of livestock. As of this morning, OFM News reported that the fire was heading south in the direction of Holpan. Tractors and pickups were used to help control the fire.


The Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Thoko Didiza, will on Friday 15 October commemorate World Food Day during a webinar. This day is celebrated annually on 16 October. The department says in a statement that the objectives of the webinar is to, amongst others, heighten public awareness on issues of poverty, hunger and malnutrition in the world and in the country, and to further raise awareness on different produce that constitute a balanced diet. Other topics that will be discussed during the webinar includes climate change and its effects on the agricultural sector, as well as disaster risk reduction.

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