Free State Agriculture overjoyed with farmer involvement at annual Bloem Show

───   15:51 Tue, 10 May 2022

Free State Agriculture overjoyed with farmer involvement at annual Bloem Show | News Article

The Department of Agriculture commend all the small-scale farmers who participated in the exhibition at the Bloem Show this year. OFM News’ Lee Simmons speaks to the Free State's departmental spokesperson Zimasa Leputla about this initiative.

Leputla says the Department has always participated in the Bloem Show. “We see it as a platform to market the department to the broader Free State populace. Many people don't know the programmes of the department and this is an opportunity for them to interact with our officials and to get the assistance they need,” explains Leputla. 

She says that farmers play an important role in ensuring food security. However, this time they were solely focused on giving our Agro-Processors an opportunity to market their business enterprises. Their products were overall well received by the visitors who came to the agri stalls and their products were sold to as many people as possible, something which was celebrated and encouraged locals to support the farmers, adds Leputla. 

Leputla mentions that the department will continue to provide this kind of marketing platform for up-and-coming farmers, as well as farmers who seek further assistance in marketing areas.  She further adds that the feedback from the farmers was amazing with many of these farmers receiving various forms of investment. 

Being a part of the upcoming Nampo after battling Covid-19 as a country, would be the ideal platform for the department and many small-scale famers which is what Leputla says is the next goal. 

For other interested farmers they can contact the officials in their districts and they will be in touch with the officials in the Strategic Communications section, ends Leputla. 


OFM News/Lee Simmons

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