Own It Episode 30: Irene Fischer
09:51 Fri, 22 Nov 2019
Own It Episode 30: Irene Fischer | News Article
Irene Fischer
Vanaand op Own It! Voormalige OFM-omproete Irene Fischer deel ‘n belangrike boodskap vir padgebruikers…

Onthou, as jy ‘n vraag vir enige van ons ‘Own It’ gassprekers het, kan jy dit per e-pos stuur na ownit@ofm.co.za. Volgende Donderdag is voormalige Mej Dowe SA, Vicki Fourie, weer aan die beurt.

In 2009 Irene Fischer's life changed abruptly when she sustained a severe brain injury in a horrific car accident.
After years of rehab and finally being able to talk and walk again, Irene realized that something needs to be done to chip away at the immense lack of awareness among the general public regarding brain injury.

Today she’s an award winning author and a motivational speaker who strives to cultivate understanding about brain injury in each person she meets.

Visit Irene’s website if you would like to book her for a motivational talk or if you would like to learn more about more brain injury: www.irenefischer.co.za


Own It Episode 30: Irene Fischer:

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