#Covid19 digital vaccine certificates 'only for local use'

───   07:20 Mon, 22 Nov 2021

#Covid19 digital vaccine certificates 'only for local use' | News Article

It will take some time before South Africa's Covid-19 vaccination certificates can be available for use abroad.

That's the word from Acting Director-General at the Health Department, Dr Nicholas Crisp.

This follows complaints from some people that their certificates aren't accepted in certain countries overseas.

Crisp says the certificates are only designed for local verification.

"The vaccine certificate was designed for use in South Africa. It was announced, right from the word go, when the minister announced it a couple of months ago," said Nicholas Crisp, the Health Department's acting director-general.

"The minister announced that we would do it in three phases: The first phase would be a pilot phase; the second one would be a verifiable phase using a QR code in South Africa using South African technology, and the third phase would be an international phase which requires a lot of crypto-security."


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