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Conspiracy Corner - UFO "spotted" at the International Space Station

───   16:07 Wed, 12 Jan 2022

Conspiracy Corner - UFO "spotted" at the International Space Station | News Article
Image credit: Chris Clor / Getty Images/Blend Images

A video claiming to show a triangle-shaped UFO flying next to the International Space Station (ISS) has caused a frenzy on YouTube with conspiracy theorists asking NASA to "tell the truth"

According to dailystar, in the clip, which UFO enthusiast Scott C Waring says is taken from NASA live-cam on December 28, one of the space station's solar panels is visible and the sky looks dark apart from a mysterious shape that fades in and out of view.  The object, which is triangle-shaped, appears stationary which could mean it is traveling at the same speed or it is very far away.

Scott, who runs UFO Sightings Daily, says: "You are looking at a UFO over the solar panel array of the space station itself."  Read more on this article here.


Weird Wide Web - UFO "spotted" at the International Space Station:

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