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Weird Wide Web - Woman marries the wrong groom

───   15:08 Fri, 13 May 2022

Weird Wide Web - Woman marries the wrong groom | News Article
Photo: iStock, Getty Images

A power cut in India caused confusion and a bride married the wrong groom, leaving everyone 'humiliated' by the mishap.

Reported on, it turns out that a woman was left 'humiliated' after marrying the wrong man after a power cut put out all the lights at their wedding ceremony.  The bizarre mix-up occurred as the dad, Rameshlal Railot, based in the Madhya Pradesh state in India, arranged for his son and three daughters to all get married on the same day - and all the women wore the same type of dress.  Their faces were also covered with a veil, in keeping with local traditions, and when they went to the pre-wedding function there was a power cut and the service was thrown into disarray.