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Conspiracy Corner - The haunted space race history

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Conspiracy Corner - The haunted space race history | News Article
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In 1961, the Russians successfully sent the first woman, Gherman Titov, on the Vostok 2 mission to complete 17 orbits around our planet.

It turns out though, that the Russians might have hidden the fact that another female was sent, but nothing is said about her because she apparently they didn't want anyone to know about their failure.  According to dailystar, in May 1961, the Soviets are said to have sent the unnamed woman into space. She was due to return to Earth on May 23 of that year, but her attempt to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere didn’t go well. 

An audio recording from an unverified source that has been circulating the internet supposedly shares the cosmonaut’s last words as she attempts to re-enter. In the audio the cosmonaut is heard saying: “Listen… listen! Come in! Come in. Come in. Talk to me! talk to me! I am hot. I am hot! What? Forty-five. What? Forty-five, Fifty. Yes. Yes. Breathing. Breathing. Oxygen. Oxygen. I am hot, isn’t this dangerous?”

The haunting audio continues: “It’s all… yes… how is this? What? Talk to me! How should I transmit? Yes. What? Our transmission begins now. Forty-one. This way. Yes. I feel hot. I feel hot. It’s all… it’s hot. I feel hot.”

Towards the end of the audio, the woman becomes increasingly emotional as she says: “I can see a flame. I can see a flame! I feel hot. I feel hot. Thirty-two. Thirty-two. Forty-one. Am I going to crash? Yes. Yes. I feel hot. I feel hot! I will re-enter.”

It’s at that point that the transmission was cut and nothing was heard from the cosmonaut again. Conspiracy has it that her badly-damaged ship was discovered on Earth three days later, but the cosmonaut was nowhere to be found.

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The audio is believed to have been recorded by two amateur radio engineers from Italy, Achille and Giovanni Battista, known as the Judica-Cordiglia brothers, and is said to have been released in November 1963.

The brothers had also claimed that several other Russian cosmonauts had been lost in space, with the two releasing a number of similar recordings, although question marks remain regarding their authenticity.

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Conspiracy Corner - The haunted space race history:

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