07 Oct 2021

#OFMBusinessHour - Sars uses third parties to clamp down on non-compliant taxpayers

The South African Revenue Service (Sars) is determined to raise enough taxes to reach the country’s expenditure needs an .. Read More

06 Oct 2021

#OFMBusinessHour: Be honest about your money habits

The key to being good with your money is honesty especially regarding your spending habits. Read More

06 Oct 2021

#OFMBusinessHour - Mining and agriculture to be hardest hit by latest tax bills

The cyclical nature of both the mining and agriculture industries places businesses in these industries at risk of being .. Read More

05 Oct 2021

#SakeUur - Gas-omskakeling 'n alternatiewe energie-opsie vir motoriste

Frank Mac NICOL, Nasionale Voorsitter van ARA (Automotive Remanufacturers’ Association), verduidelik hoe gas-omskakeling .. Read More

05 Oct 2021

#OFMBusinessHour - #Covid19 deaths of business executives disrupt day-to-day activities

Often times when we speak of the impact of Covid-19 on businesses we focus on halted trading. Read More

04 Oct 2021

#OFMBusinessHour - Thinking of travelling abroad? Don’t forget your travel insurance

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everything and made all the things we used to gloss over like travel insurance, all th .. Read More

30 Sep 2021

#OFMBusinessHour - Tourism sector losses R164bn

South Africa’s tourism sector lost an estimated R164 billion in spending by domestic and inbound visitors to the country .. Read More

30 Sep 2021

#OFMBusinessHour: Discover the Free State

Did you know that September is celebrated as Tourism Month in South Africa? In “Discover the Free State” on OFM Business .. Read More

29 Sep 2021

#SakeUur: Behoefte bepaling vir aftree beplanning

Marius Ferreira, finansiële adviseur, verduidelik waarom dit so belangrik is om vir jou aftrede te beplan en hoe jy so g .. Read More

29 Sep 2021

#OFMBusinessHour: New PAIA regulations places more responsibility on information officers’ shoulders

The latest published regulations pertaining to the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) places more responsibil .. Read More

28 Sep 2021

#SakeUur - Geheime formule vir 'n huislening

Mariena Cloete, Ooba huisleenings spanleier, verduidelik wat is die huidige goedkeuringskoerse vir huislenings en hoe be .. Read More

28 Sep 2021

#OFMBusinessHour - You need to review your will annually

Setting up your will alone isn’t enough with respect to real estate planning. You also need to review said will annually .. Read More

27 Sep 2021

#OFMBusinessHour - Covid-19 has brought mental health in the workplace under scrutiny

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought mental health/wellness in the workplace under intense scrutiny. Read More

23 Sep 2021

#SakeUur - Gasomskakeling 'n werklikheid vir SA motors

Attie Serfontein, Nationale Direkteur van ARA (Automotive Remanufacturers' Association), verduidelik waar het die gas-om .. Read More

23 Sep 2021

#OFMBusinessHour - Discover the Free State - Flamingo Route

OFM Business Hour’s Olebogeng Motse talks to Dineka Lephowani about the Flamingo Route, one of five Free State routes th .. Read More

23 Sep 2021

#OFMBusinessHour - SA Reserve Bank holds repo rate at 3,5%

South Africans can breathe a short sigh of relief as the Reserve Bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has decided to k .. Read More

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