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Kontreikuiers: Adventurer Oliver Esplin

───   10:37 Wed, 13 Oct 2021

Kontreikuiers: Adventurer Oliver Esplin | News Article

In 'Kontreikuiers' Cyril Viljoen chats to colourful characters from across Central South Africa.

After returning from a working holiday in England in 1997, Oliver Esplin was driven to share his passion and vision about adventures in an authentic and sustainable manner with others. 

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Oliver, also a Rastafarian, is a former policeman who started an adventure company in Clarens, the company is called Clarens Xtreme. He also worked at the Afri-Ski resort in Lesotho and his passion for people and adventures is a driving force in his life and business.

He joins At Luch's Cyril Viljoen to share more about his outlook on life and nature. Listen to the podcast below.

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