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Conspiracy Corner - Was Titanic about time travel?

───   15:42 Wed, 22 Jun 2022

Conspiracy Corner - Was Titanic about time travel? | News Article

There are a lot of theories about Titanic. Some claim it never sank, some claim that the sinking was planned, while others just don't care about it. But what if we told you that Jack Dawson might have been a time traveller?

A theory that has been doing the rounds, is the idea that Jack Dawson is actually a time traveller sent to the past to save Rose. And while the idea is highly unlikely right out of the gate, there are many inconsistencies in the film surrounding Jack's dialogue and style that help add fuel to the fire. The theory fire is so fueled up, that we end up with a theory that suggests that Jack was a time traveller, sent to the past to make sure the Titanic sinks!

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The first example is how Jack has to gamble to get a ticket onto the ship. Allegedly this is because, while travelling through time, he had no currency of the era to get a ticket. Jack also mentions fishing on Lake Wissota, an artificial lake created in 1917, and tells Rose that he will take her on the rollercoaster at the Santa Monica pier, which didn't open until 1916. So, already, Jack displays signs that his memories are from an imminent future rather than the past.

Jack's hairstyle, cigarettes and backpack were all also invented in the '30s and early '40s, making nearly every aspect of his character representative of a man out of time. While multiple points of evidence lean to the possibility that this could be possible also begs the question of why he needed to specifically save Rose out of all the people on the ship. The theory explains that Jack's reason for travelling was to find Rose before she committed suicide so that she could live past the Titanic. This allows him to spend more time with Rose to try and keep her from wanting to contemplate a similar fate ever again.

Another aspect that takes the theory to new heights is the idea that Rose's life has much larger implications that tie directly to one of Cameron's other films, The Terminator. Not only would the disappearance of a high-class young woman avert the sinking of the Titanic, but the theory also adds that Rose is the grandmother of Sara Conner, the mother to humanity's saviour, John Conner. Therefore, not only does saving Rose ensure the fate of the timeline and no alterations to it, but it also means that Rose can live to have a child that eventually sires Sara Conner.

Read more on this article by clicking here and watch the video below for a couple more mind-blowing theories.


Conspiracy Theory - Was Titanic about time travel?:

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