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T's & C's Apply; What permission have you given to social media apps?

───   17:05 Thu, 04 Aug 2022

T's & C's Apply; What permission have you given to social media apps? | News Article

Let's be honest, not a lot of us read through the entire T's & C's page of any app we download. We really just want to start using the app. But what if you accepting the T's & C's is really opening up yourself to some trouble?

"T's & C's apply", a phrase we normally hear at the end of a commercial on tv or radio. But do we really ever pay attention to these? We know most things come with these T's & C's, but do we actually even know what they mean or do we just not care? 

In 2020, Proprivacy conducted research to see how many people actually read or pay attention to T's & C's before they agree to anything, especially when it comes to the social media world. The group found that only 1 percent of technology users in a social experiment actually read the terms and conditions. How they knew this? Well they added certain things to these T's & C's that a person who had actually read everything, would've picked up that something just wasn't right with these T's & C's. Below are some of the T's & C's that were added in the experiment, that people agreed to:

"The naming rights to their firstborn child."
"Access to the airspace above their property for purposes of drone traffic."
"Permission to give their mom full access to their browsing history. The ability to “invite” a personal FBI agent to Christmas dinner for the next 10 years."
"The opportunity to use their streaming platforms and litter the suggestions with terrible stand-up specials."

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According to digitaljournal, Other interesting statistics from the survey were that 68 percent of respondents have admitted to deleting an app to protect their data privacy; and the same time such people declared they are unaware that many apps use “uninstall trackers” to target users with ads even after deletion. You can read more on this article by clicking here.

Why we brought this up, we came across some of TikTok's T's & C's and were surprised at some of the things on that document. What surprised us even more was the fact that these are not hidden at all. You can find these on their website under legal, privacy. Below is a shot of some of their T's & C's and if you want to read the whole document, you can do so by clicking here.


T's & C's Apply; What permission have you given to social media apps?:

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