Weird Wide Web - Kids embarrassing their parents
15:24 Thu, 06 Aug 2020
Weird Wide Web - Kids embarrassing their parents  | News Article
Boy labelled 'hero' for epic dance routine in background of BBC weather report.

BBC presenter Jen Bartram finished her weather report from a beach in South Shields to discover she had been upstaged by a boy "with some rather enviable dance moves"

A young boy became the unlikely star of a BBC weather report when he saw the opportunity to display his show-stopping dance moves to the nation and seized it with both hands.

Presenter Jen Bartram was reporting from a windy beach in South Shields as she provided an update on the heatwave hitting some areas of the country, with the Met Office reporting temperatures had reached as high as 37C yesterday. 

During the segment, the young boy wanders into shot to begin his brilliant routine which left viewers in stitches.

Later realising what had happened, Jen tweeted to say: "I was unaware of being upstaged by the young boy with some rather enviable dance moves during my forecast."

Sharing the video with her followers, it shows the boy begin his well choreographed piece with a couple of T-shirt lifts before turning round to transition into some flawless side-stepping moves.

He ends the routine by speeding away into the distance - and he's been hailed a 'hero' on social media after the comedic clip went viral.

Jen even found a way to improve it further by "giving the forecast what it deserves", adding the soundtrack of Up & Down by Vengaboys, and Tony Christie's Amarillo to perfectly match the moves.

See how kids embarras their parents even further.


What went down in studio:

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