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Aquaculture - the future of farming

───   08:33 Tue, 23 Feb 2021

Aquaculture - the future of farming | News Article

Dr Mary-Jane Thaela-Chimuka gives us more on aquafarming and its sustainability as a future endeavour.

Dr Thaela-Chimuka gives an insight into aquafarming, its sustainability and the increasing economic benefits thereof. She delves into the various forms of aquafarming, stating that freshwater or brackish water aquaculture and marine aquaculture form part of the many different forms of aquaculture today. She says that this type of culture has been a significant source of food for even the poorest families and has fed thousands of poverty-stricken families. Thaela-Chimuka also adds that South Africa has not been exposed to this type of farming as its biodiversity allows, however, soon the country will be able to make this type of farming a sustainable and extremely profitable type of farming. She concludes by saying that those who would like to get into this type of farming are welcomed to get a hold of the agricultural research council where they will be adequately assisted.

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